Kelsie Steaderstem

Idiot savant


A reasonably normal height around 5’ 8"

Short brow length of messy, oil stricken, blond hair

Golden eyes

Usually wearing some kind of mechanics outfit or comfortable “school” attire, almost always covered in oil (as if he sweats the stuff)

Giant VI-esc gauntlets that function as multi-tool among other various misc things.

Kind, Charismatic, usually in good spirits and mood, punny, usually air-headed, sweet talker to women.


Kelsie did not know what happened during his early years (That being from birth to 7). All he remembers is after his 7th chosen day of birth, he encountered a insane scientist with a kind heart. Taking Kelsie under his wing, Kelsie spent the next 5 years under his mentoring and care. The mad scientist worked on projects and taught kelsie how mechanics functioned, various other schoolings, and had the sanity to send him to school. The day befoore Kelsie’s 12th birthday, the scientist gave him a pair of giant gauntlets that we unfinished, and told him to build them as he wished. The next day he arrived back to find the scientist dead on work bench, surrounded by burn marks and residual effects of both magic and gun fire. Yakuza took Kelsie, chopped off his hands, and left him to die. Kelsie had at the time, made the gauntlets be manipulated by thought. Using them, he burned his wounds closed.

Kelsie Steaderstem

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