Sassy Australian magical girl with a motor mouth


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After graduating high school, Denny found herself, and her friends, going on a post high school camping vacation. It was a sort of an ascension into adulthood sort of thing that parents wouldn’t get… On the third night of kicking it in the outback in Neo-Australia(?), a group of radical terrorist kidnapped Denny.

The events of that night horrified her and left a binding impression on her that lasts until this day. While she was spared, her friends were not. Instead of killing her like the others, she was taken in. She was kept in an undisclosed location while the whole entire nation searched on her. It was a large publicized deal that made all the headliners in the midst of all other terrorist activities performed by the group.

With the very little will that she could salvage, she resisted her captors, but even so, the years had their mark on her. Instead of taking a hostage and risking giving their location, they wanted to used the famed “lost aussie” to be one of them. Sortve a culture shock of sorts, or so they were thinking at the time.

They made her quite the talented hand to hand combatant and weapon expert. Not only that, despite not doing much to educate herself, she found herself learning about electrical engineering. As silly as it was, the text books she read, and the motors she tinkered with made her forget about her imprisonment and torture enough to take off the edge.

After 3 years of all that junk, she found herself on her first mission and act of terrorism. With a jacket strapped full of bombs under her clothes that could be triggered by a higher up, she was pressured into doing anything they said. Her said mission was to assassinate the prime minister, and take out anyone who saw. In a stress, she attempted the murder, but failed terribly. She didn’t account on it being a stand in/double. Not only was she caught on tape, she couldn’t go back to the terrorist group a failure.

Taking a chance, she cut the exact wires that would disengage the bombs that were strapped to her. Denny was shooken up over killing an innocent man, being the target for the number one man hunt since John Wilkes Booth, and having a terrorist organization wanting blood for her mistake. All and all, she went incognito over the couple of years, until finding herself a magical girl…..



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