One of the Guardians of Earth. Assumed to be still chasing Persephone.


Level unknown
Element: Lightning
Height: 6’9
Hair: Long, white. Boasting quite a beard
Figure: Very muscular, blessed with high speed as well as strength
Eyes: Black, but at times glow searing red

No other data is present


Zeus, one of the most powerful of the five Guardians displays a heroic physique, showing exactly how he became to be what he is in this era. Even age is no match for his intimidating demeanor.
Zeus governs power, strength, resolve, and truth, which in turn makes him the beacon of hope all of mankind aspires to be. However, it also leads to arrogance, narcissism, and a ‘god’ complex. He is often considered a shadow of what he used to be, caring more of himself and his colleagues than the very planet he should be guarding.
Not much else is known other than that.

His element is Lightning, however, unlike other elements of lightning, his is a bit different. What this actually is may lead to some very interesting results in the future.


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