Seiya (Human Form)

God of the Zodiac, Mentor to the SeiyaRangers


Height 6’0"

Weight 175

Build Large Fame, Muscular

Eye Color Unknown (Always in Sentai Form)

Hair Color Unknown (Always in Sentai Form)

Age: Eternal


Eon ago, when the conflicts of the world began to reach a peak, Seiya, God of the Zodiac, used his divine control over the stars to grant a select group of humans the power of the Heavenly Bodies that make up the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac. With these powers, those chosen were granted uniforms that heightened their own strengths and abilities. They were also granted mystical weapons and colossal assault Mechs, known as “Zords”. Seiya, proud of his creations, called them Zodiakku Sentai: SeiyaRangers, and with his guidance, they were able to quell the fighting….for a time.

Now, the enemies he thought were vanquished, have returned, and Seiya must again lead a New Team of his SeiyaRangers to try and get rid of this evil force once and for all….

Yet… in his old age, Seiya has gotten a bit….tired…to say the least. His patience has worn thin and he is having some trouble finding his “Center” so to speak. Hotheaded as he is, he will still strive to keep his Sentai team safe and alive. To him, the SeiyaRangers are his greatest creation, but he worries if he is still able to lead and mentor them. Times have changed drastically since the last battle, and Seiya is still “stuck” in the Old Ways of Mentoring his Team.

Seiya (Human Form)

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