One of the Guardians of Earth. Deity of the Magical Girls.


Level 25

Element: Water
Height: 5’7
Hair: Long, platinum blonde
Figure: Slim, tiny and agile, but with fantastic leg strength
Eyes: Varies

Often seen wearing a cloak it seems. Not much else is known.


Persephone has long blondish hair, graceful and fluid movements, eyes that dance at any hint of emotion, and a general demeanor that even a frozen tundra could question.
A Guardian of Earth, she governs feelings of desire and feelings of hatred, which in turn causes a spiral of emotions that wrecks havoc on her very being. Often called a traitor for her ways and methods of thinking, she continues to hang onto the old ways of doing things, never giving up and lying down in defeat. She’s stubborn, but confident.
Chased by the other four Guardians, she is constantly fleeing whilst gathering important pieces of information. Also being the Deity of the Magical Girls, she also aligns with them to ensure they are on task and up to par in comparison to both the Hunters and the rival Sentai, but cannot permanently guide them while she is on the run.
Her powers over water are masterful. Legends tell that she created one of two of Earth’s oceans all by herself long ago during the first war… but not before using that water to help seal off a hunter for a very very long time.


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