Liliana Wilson

Pink Ranger, Element of Sound, Gemini


Age: 16
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 90lbs
Physical appearance:

normal: Red hair down past her shoulders, brown eyes, tends to wear comfortable clothes like tank tops, shorts or jeans, never dresses for anyone else

Magical girl form: blonde hair, blue eyes, pink leather outfit with a frilly skirt she will have to tear off every time she transforms.


Liliana lived in this worlds version of America up until recently. She has always been the kind to never back down from a fight, and to always stand up for those weaker than herself. She tended to fight constantly, over many reasons. She got into a fight with the wrong person once and beat them. They were so angry they set her house on fire while she was inside asleep on the couch. She has had a fear of fire ever since. After that incident, her parents sent her to this town to live with her aunt.

Liliana Wilson

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