Jiro Honda

Red Leo Ranger


Height: 5’ 11’’
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Boxer build
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black, short and spiky
Age: 22


Jiro was born with a silver spoon as the saying goes. His father, Daisuke Honda, was a well known engineer and designer who headed one of the largest companies in the city. His mother, Yukiko Honda, had a doctorate in archaeology who was interested in all things that could help to explain humanity’s past. All was good in Jiro’s life till that fateful night.
While helping his father on the finishing touches on a new project, Jiro’s mother was working on discovering new clues on an ancient set of ruins on the family property. When a woman’s scream was heard, Jiro and his father ran to investigate only to find Yukiko Honda brutally murdered at the mouth of a cave. Daisuke told his son to hide as he investigated. Shortly after, screams were heard followed by Jiro’s father being shot out of the cave with a hole though his chest and out his back. There, Jiro saw a dark-aura Magical Girl smile before she vanished.
In the years since, Jiro has been coping with his demons of that day as much as possible. To do so, he has become a bit of a lady’s man and has been known to sleep around. Also since their deaths, the closest thing to parental figures he’s had were his butler, Simmons, and his father’s best friend, “Uncle” Gozema Nagano. He doesn’t try to contact his other uncle who is known in the city’s Mafia underworld. Now in college, he currently is set with a double major in History and Engineering and plans to follow his father’s foot steps and introduce his final project to the world once he graduates. That project is Apollo, a transforming sports car that is able to take up physical, fighting form.

And then he received his powers and his whole world changed………

Jiro Honda

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