One of the Guardians of Earth. Presently allied with the Sentai.


Level 23
Element: Unknown
Height: 5’3
Hair: Shoulder length, crimson
Figure: Muscular, boasting flexible, yet graceful movement
Eyes: Varies

Presently also the Navy Blue Ranger

No other data is present


Hera has shoulder length crimson hair, a graceful and elegant, but stoic figure, eyes that change color reflecting her mood and her actions, and enough magical ability to floor a reinforced military base. Being one of the five Guardians of Earth, she governs curiosity and emotions of intrigue, which is reflected in the way she acts and how she presents herself. Negatively known as a risk-taker, she often gambles and instates deals that many would figure to unfair, which generally leads her and her company into further trouble. Before, she was entrusted to secure Persephone’s capture and return no matter what, but has recently decided to assist the Sentai in their deeds, mostly due to her own personal curiosity. She recently has acquired the Navy Blue gem and morpher, allowing her to become a Ranger herself.

Her element is unknown at present, but it seems like she has quite an array of supportive magic and the ability to use telekinesis destructively. She is also quite skilled at the sword, able to keep toe to toe with many of the best, though she often gets overly confident, leading to mistakes.


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