Mayor of the City. Until recently(?), was aiding Mephisto in gaining control of the world. Now, he is with the Magical Girls.


Level Unknown
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 6’1
Hair: Short, black with bits of gray, slicked black and professional
Figure: Stoic, professionally carries himself, seems athletic
Eyes: Chrome

He does not seem to possess any combat ability as of yet, but boasts high high charisma


Enter the Mayor of the City.
Charming, suave, sophisticated, good looking, rich, and potentially naive surprisingly. For someone with as much charisma as this guy, he has aligned himself with Mephisto, believing in aiding him in destroying the Guardians, then ensuring a truly free world, void of restraint and control. He resides in the tallest and most expensive tower in the City, the tower itself being practically impervious to damage on the outside. Money gets you a lot.
Recently, his negotiations with both the Sentai and Magical Girls failed with combat inside the tallest room in his tower ensuing immediately afterwords. He was then ‘captured’ by the Magical Girls and had his tower set on fire from the inside. After being interrogated, he has claimed to since come to his senses, vowing himself to assist the Magical Girls if they can aid him in getting his reputation back with the City.
He does seem to have ancestry with a Hades of the past, known for being a strong entity with relatively evil intentions.
He also seems to have aligned himself with both Athena, who he aided in reviving, and Artemis, but since the tower incident, the state of said relationship may be at stake.

A man of much money and many friends and enemies, he tends to let his charm dictate his vocal reasoning, which usually works. With seemingly no skills relating to combat, he may offer better support and assistance from behind the lines. If you want to risk letting him behind you that is.


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