Ershin Sonin

Gray Cancer Ranger


Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 180 lbs
Build: Muscular build
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red, long ponytail with long bangs
Age: 23


Ershin was born as the next successor to the Sonin clan, and as such was given all the special treatment that went with it. His training always the most intense but the benefits were unmistakable, and being the highest ranking family member meant he wanted for nothing. Ershin’s life continued this way for many years and he soon realized that with this much power at his disposal, little could get in his way. Through much of his teenage years Ershin used his position and strength to get anything he wanted anytime he wanted from neighboring clans and common villages, and not always through honorable means. When the other clans had had enough of him they decided that the time had come to put on end to the Sonin clan. One day when Ershin returned home, he was welcomed by the screams of his clansmen and the burning heat of flames. Fearing for his life he ran. After a few days he returned to find nothing but ash and death. He searched the ruins of his former home to find his father’s body clutching a long box with “Ershin” inscribed into it. He took the box from his father’s arms and opened it to reveal a beautiful sword, untouched by the flames. Inside the box, next to the sword, was a note. It read “My son, you have lost your way and for that I am sorry. It is a father’s impressibility to show his son the true and honorable path, but I was blinded by pride and arrogance to see that you were traveling down the path of darkness. I have failed you my son, but there is still hope. Become the honorable man you were meant to be, lead us out of the darkness and into the light of a new day. When that day comes my son, draw this sword and know that you have become a true samurai.” After reading the letter Ershin’s world is turned upside down. He takes the sword and departs from his homeland, searching for a way to make up for his past, searching for redemption. He travels the world looking for people to protect and evil to vanquish in hopes that one day he will be found worth enough to draw his father’s sword. One day, while he was traveling over a vast ocean, a monstrous storm sent him to the dark depths. As conciseness left him he saw a bright light, and then nothing. When he awoke he was washed up on a beach with a watch beside him, he took it as a good luck charm. Then he continued to travel the world looking for the light his father once spoke of.

Ershin Sonin

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