Son of Charon, guardian of passage


Athreos can alter his form by touch and at will.

all stats will be hidden based on laziness and the nature of the character himself.


Athreos is the son of the guardian of passage, Charon. This influences him heavily. Without his duty to his father he wouldn’t have much. Athreos is a soul eater by birth which means he feeds off of souls to give him power. He is deadly proficient with words and all things charismatic. He loves long walks on the bank of the river styx. He is always looking for approval from his father and will do anything in order to get it. His loyalty does not faulter. He sticks by those he calls his friends and he is always seeking out new comrades. He currently has no problem with anyone in particular, but Athena is annoying as shit. He holds his power back and keeps his secrets well guarded. Only a select few are privileged enough to see the real Athreos for who he is. He keeps to himself a fair amount which means being able to get him to talk about himself is a great feat. On off days he does enjoy a good prank every now and a then. His pet deamon familiar and his conjured shade are two of his closest friends.


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