The most powerful Magical Girl, set thousands of years in the past. Revived for a purpose.


Level 25
Element: Black Ice
Height: 4’8
Hair: Long, midnight blue
Figure: Agile and muscular, although very short in stature
Eyes: Gray

Very noisy and obnoxious. Loves to taunt people.


Not much is known about Athena. She was one of the very first Magical Girls thousands of years ago when Mephisto was sealed the first time. However, she never made it to the final battle as she was killed by a Sentai known as Snake, the Gray Ranger whilst in combat. Fortunately for her, she also struck him down about the same time, so she had her revenge at least.
In this era, it seems she was revived by Hades as per ordered by Mephisto. For what purpose though, no one quite knows the full extent of yet. She is, however, temporarily aligned with both the Gray Ranger, who killed her, and Mephisto, with all of them seeming to have it out for the Guardians of Earth.
Thus far, she has been in skirmishes throughout the bulk of the story, even playing some parts in both aiding and distracting both the Sentais and Magical Girls. Being a child still, her playfulness may seem charming, but there is also something sinister about it.
She also seems to care for Snake now strangely. Perhaps there is something not even the Guardians know?

Her powers were of ice back in her days as the first Magical Girl, but now, in her prime, she controls black ice, a force both wildy strong, and very uncontrollable. With her short fuse and her immature demeanor, her permafrost is set off more often than probably necessary, potentially damaging the ozone in time or possibly locking the city in a permanent Winter.


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