One of the most powerful Sentai ever to have manifested, set thousands of years in the past. Revived for a purpose.


Level 24
Zodiac: Snake / Gray
Height: 6’1
Hair: Unknown
Figure: Slim and muscular, very fast and stealthy
Eyes: Unknown

Very quiet, but voice is very low and very dark. Capable of creating multiple doppelgangers and decoys. Also stealth comes naturally.


The only things known about Artemis is his name, the zodiac, and that he died thousands of years ago fighting Athena during the first sealing of Mephisto. He blames Hera for this and chooses to hunt her and the other Guardians down, believing that their involvement is what brought the world into this mess including the deaths of Athena and himself.
In this era, it seems that Zeus, one of the few Artemis has sworn to kill, sought the revival. Since then, an alliance has been struck with both Mephisto and Athena, the very person he killed before dying himself so long ago. He seems protective of Athenia somewhat, but otherwise seems to be uncaring as to what is happening and his surroundings. The only thing he has left is his hatred for the Guardians.
He also seems to be a loner, haunted by his past, never truly recovering from whatever it was that scarred him before his death, so he takes a slight kindling to the Gray Ranger (Cancer) of this era, convinced that they are more alike than Cancer perceives them to be.

His powers rely a lot on deception and manipulation, summoning powerful doppelgangers and using a variety of forms of stealth to find his way into his opponents mentality, where he then attempts to break it. Attacking the mind and the will has always been his preferred route, but he can more then compensate in his physical abilities as well, assassinating hundreds of people within seconds if he so pleases.


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